JR Car Spares is a family run business with over 30 years experience in recycling and disposal of motor vehicles

We aim to reduce pollution and waste associated with vehicles and ensure that End of Life Vehicles (ELVS) are disposed of legally and responsibly, in accordance with European Union legislation.

In order to increase the level of scrap car recycling, JR Car Spares joined forces with Car Take Back. Under this agreement, JR Car Spares can guarantee that it can recycle 85% of each car, compared to the industry norm of 75-80%.

Vehicle Recovery

JR Car Spares is mindful of the complex environmental and cultural issues that impact modern industry and the wider society such as finite natural resources, climate change, waste generation and local amenity. We constantly strive to achieve higher standards in all aspects of our business.


Approximately 76% by weight of the average car is metal, most of which is comprised of sheet steel. The overall metal content of cars has declined rapidly during the past 20 years accompanied by an increase in the proportion of non-ferrous metals used in their manufacture, such as aluminium and magnesium. Currently about 98% of the metals in a car are recycled. These metals are recovered by the dismantling and metals recycling industries and are subsequently recycled by the steel industry and re-smelting plants in the production of new steel and secondary metals such as aluminium and copper.